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Project Components

Component C: Market Development
The objective of this component is to improve farmer access to market information and intelligence; improve transparency in price discovery, improve market infrastructure and services in the traditional wholesale markets, and making market management more efficient and responsive to farmers’ needs. This component will have the following subcomponents: (i) upgrading and modernizing market infrastructure; and (ii) setting up an economic and market information and intelligence cell.

C.1 Up-gradation and Modernization of Select Agricultural Wholesale Markets
The main objective of this sub-component is to upgrade and modernize selected agricultural wholesale markets, by enhancing efficiency and reducing transaction costs, enabling automation of the business processes in the market and also open-up standalone physical markets to distant buyers. To achieve this goal, this sub-component is supporting upgrading and modernizing the market infrastructure in agriculture wholesale markets, including about 9 primary and secondary wholesale markets managed by Agriculture Produce Market Committees (APMC). APMC would contribute 20 percent toward the cost of market upgrading. Market upgrading is being supported by the development of ‘basic’ infrastructure that promotes improved handling of commodities, improved hygiene and improved price dissemination.

C 2. Setting up Economic and Market Information and Intelligence (EMI) cell
The main objective of this sub-component is to increase information transparency, productivity, profitability and market access to the farming community in the State. To achieve this, the project would support the setting up of EMI cell within the HPSAMB. EMIC is expected to provide producers, enterprises; and trade intermediaries with relevant information, technical knowledge, and market intelligence; and support diversification and intensification of horticulture production, aimed at responding to market demand and climate variability

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