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The Project development objective is "to support small farmers and entrepreneurs Himachal Pradesh to increase the productivity, quality, and market access of selected horticulture commodities". This will be achieved through enhancing the efficiency of the Horticulture department and associated stakeholders by leveraging the innovative potential of ICT and new media technologies coupled with Governance Process Reengineering (GPR) and enhanced market linkages with the state and across the country/globe. In order to achieve the desired outcomes, it is envisaged that an Integrated Horticulture Sector Management & Monitoring System (IHSMS) will be developed and deployed as a part of the project that will support service delivery as well as real time monitoring and evaluation of of all the activities carried out under various component of the project.

IHSMS solution has been designed for registration of farmers, delivery of various services including nursery license, Management of Nurseries, Plant Distribution, Supply of pesticides, procurement, accounting etc. for this project. Directorate of Horticulture, Government of HP also envisage providing of e-Udyan Card to their registered farmers for providing various subsidy schemes or pesticides distribution.

IHSMS is single source of data for all horticulturist, nursery license holders, PCDOs (under NMS of DoH) and other stakeholders for availing services, demand of implements and tool etc. This also enables online technical advisory to farmers for various disease, remedies, spray etc. as per Package of Practices designed by UHF Nauni University from time to time.

Salient Features

  • Backend Development to enable delivery of all Horticulture Sector Services across State through Online, CSCs, Mobile etc.
  • Central Data Repository for all Horticulturist and Udyan Card Holders
  • Enhance efficiency and accountability in Service Delivery
  • In-built Subsidy Scheme eligibility validator and computation for MIDH, RKVY, SBK, PMKSY etc.
  • Faster processing of public cases/appeals/grievances, dissemination of information
  • Mechanism for proactively disseminating information on the Government schemes, planned developmental activities and status of current activities through e-mail or SMS through information broadcasting
  • Efficient electronic workflow system for all stakeholders i.e. processing authority at Directorate, DDH, SMS, HDO, HEO etc.
  • Reduction of redundant workload of department employees and reducing process delays
  • Electronic security and control of confidential data
  • Quick and easy verification of farmers from Land Records through in-built interface which improves the process delivery
  • Online as well as offline payment facility
  • In-built citizen charter for improved service delivery and auto escalation to respective authority for delay in service delivery
  • KPI based dashboard for decision support and status tracking

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