Himachal Horticulture
Matching Grant

Agribusiness Promotion Facility (ABPF) is a sub component of value addition & agro-enterprise development. ABPF seeks to promote private investment in HP’s Horticulture sector, fostering backward and forward linkages in horticulture value chain, and promoting positive policy change. In order to promote investment in the horticulture sector, HPHDP will support interested entrepreneurs to invest in existing or new business ideas in the sector. The mode of support to the entrepreneurs’ will be in the form of Matching Grant. This Matching Grant has been designed to attract private investment and support private investors to procure business development services and to adopt to new technologies that improves operational efficiency or reduces cost in an environmentally sustainable way. The sole purpose of this Matching Grant is to increase private investment in Horticulture business, so there is integration among different participants in the value chain and producers can capture better value for their produce. It is often noted that first time entrepreneurs find it difficult to mobilize necessary resources for investment, especially for services like Marketing, business development services, Technology Licensing and Upgradation, Innovation, Organic Certification, etc. Matching Grant will not undermine the power of institutional finance and only strengthen the equity base of the entrepreneurs, so bankers become confident for financing the new venture.