Himachal Horticulture
Agri Business Promotion Facility (ABPF)

About Project

The Government of Himachal Pradesh (GoHP) is implementing a World Bank funded project,namely HimachalPradesh Horticulture Development Project (HPHDP) with the objective to support small farmers and agro-entrepreneurs in Himachal Pradesh to increase the productivity, quality and market access of selected Horticulture commodities".

HPHDP has four components (i) horticulture production,(ii) value addition& agro-enterprisedevelopment,(iii)market development and (iv) project management.

Key business opportunities in Agri / Horticulture Sector :

  • Setting up of modern nursery for fruits, Vegetables and flowers
  • Commercial floriculture
  • Fruit and vegetable processing
  • Processing of medicinal plants
  • Processing of Spices
  • Honey production & processing
  • Flower oil extaction
  • Mushroom production 8t processing
  • Biofertiliser production
  • Tissue culture units
  • Setting up of packaging units
  • Setting up of primary collection centers, pre-cooling units
  • Setting up of Advisory service centers

About ABPF

The Government of Himachal Pradesh, through Himachal Pradeh Horticultural Development Project (HPHDP) intends to promote _private investment in horticulture sector of the state.

For this purpose, the project has established the Agri Business Promotion Facility. (ABPF) with a dedicated team of professionals to support interested entrepreneurs or existing businesses in value addition&agro-enterprise development.

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Mentor / Mentee Corner

“Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person“

Agribusiness Promotion Facility (ABPF) has a sub-component of mentorship, where it will identify and select experienced mentors in their respective fields who could be available to provide timely solutions to the entrepreneur’s (mentee’s) issues. These entrepreneurs will require support and guidance in multiple operational and strategic areas like technology identification, business operation, book keeping, backward and forward linkages, access to finance etc.

ABPF will be responsible for connecting mentors and mentees through establishing the mentor-mentee network and conducting mentor-mentee workshops and training programs

Contact Us / ABPF Team

ABPF Team, Shimla
Biri Singh, Agri-business Specialist
E-mail Id: hdp-abs-hp@gov.in
Solan - Abhay Thakur(+91 9311018839)
Mandi - Dr. C S Vaidya(+91 9418475758)
Kangra - Tanmay Chatterjee(+91 9920462686)
Contact us at:
ABPF Cell,
Himachal Pradesh Horticultural Development Project HPHDP, Dyerton Bizbub, Tolland Bypass,
Shimla (H.P.)- 171001 Phone no, 0177- 2674465, 2674937